Right way to check if a new CPU would increase my FPS

Current Specs:
Core i5 760@ 3.8GHz
4GB RAM@1448MHz
GTX 460 Amp @ 860/2100

Planned Upgrade:
400-450$ GPU (AMDs new line R8,R9... or Maxwell)
RAM to 8GB (Saw a BF4 benchmark where 9 Gigs were being used! I am of the opinion that "No game will ever need more than 4Gigs" will be a thing of the past when Next gen titles start coming out).

Target: Ultra with 4xAA at 1080P and 60+FPS min in BF4
The jump in CPU performance every generation nowadays has become small (I feel). Whether I would actually benefit from getting the 4670K in real world gaming is a question that has been eating me ever since Haswell came out.
So I did a test, I ran BF3 and C3 at min Graphics and 720P. This gave me well above 75-80FPS min. Yesterday I ran BF4 in a similar way and got 65FPS min and 83FPS average.
So my Question is:
Is this a reliable way to know whether a person's CPU will cause a bottleneck? Because if so, that money can be better spent on the GPU, cooling, PSU etc.
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  1. a ram increase may help, my friend got lag when using 4gb in 1080p bf3, but a 460 and an overclocked first gen i5 should be decent for bf4 beta. In the beta i avg 35-45 fps on ultra preset 1080p and i expect to go higher once the game releases. Also my 8gb doesnt get near max.

    To determine a bottleneck monitor ur cpu and gpu use prob bf3 is ur best test and see what one is not hitting 99/100%. If one isnt hitting that then the one at 100% is the bottleneck. in bf3 i have a oc'd 3.6ghz phenom II x2 555 with a 5770 and at high preset at certain point the gpu goes under 99% so the dual core holds it back.

    Ive been looking around and some say around a 4ghz i5 760 would push a 780 with a slight bottleneck so u could just upgrade ram and get something like a 760 or 7970 until u decide a new build
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