Hi to all, my problem started after changing cmos battery,

Hi to all, my problem started after changing cmos battery, i have 2 hard drives a wd velciraptor 300gb which i presume is primary drive c and a samsung spinpoint f1 1tb 2nd drive for data storage drive d, when i boot a message reads pri master hard disk smart status bad back up and replace etc, well isnt my primary drive c the velociraptor? which isnt failing! ive run seatools and other diagnostic programs which confirms its the 2nd drive thats failing as does a windows error box ! so why do i keep getting this message and does it mean somehow that bios is confused or incorrectly configured? any help really appreciated
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  1. The BIOS doesn't allocate drive letters to your hard drives, Windows does that. Replace the drive which the diagnostic software says is failing and you should be okay.

    If the drives are the old IDE type where one is a "Master" and the other is a "Slave", the confusing error at boot time could be because your primary drive is connected to the wrong connector on the ribbon cable. Check that out. The primary drive (the Master) should be connected to the end connector on the ribbon cable.
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