multiple graphics cards question (PCIEx16 & PCIEx1)

multiple graphics cards question (PCIEx16 & PCIEx1)

Hi, I have a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard and a GeForce G210 graphics card currently running two monitors. I'm looking to add an additional 3 - 4 monitors by putting in a PNY VCQ440NVS-X1-N which has a PCIe X1 interface (of which the mobo has two free slots) Nvida quadro card.

I'm not looking to SLI them (the mobo only supports Crossfire) - and they're not going to be used for any 3d games or applications just 2d RDP windows/virtual machines and the occasional browser window/2d Java application.

My question is simply will both cards work simultaneously?
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  1. i wouldnt do it. it might work, but there is no garentee.
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