Please help me! Is it possible to UNDO a PC recovery on windows XP ?

Hello, Can you please help me ? I did a PC recovery on windows XP desktop. Ot said it does not remove data or files, but it removed all photos, files and data. Im so depressed and upset. I just need the photos that were under three seperate areas, windows media, pictures and windows live. I have not smoked in 5 years and I need one now!! PLEASE PLEASE help, what can I do ?

I also have a sata /ide will this maybe help me ? i have never used it before...

thanks so much ! amanda
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  1. i did a pc recovery not restore...also is there a way to use a program to get these photos back ? thank you !!
  2. A recovery wipes the disk and overwrites it with new data. You've just learned a valuable lesson, the hard way, about making backups of important data. It's extremely unlikely that anything can be recovered.
  3. thank you for answering..I read it first and it did say it will not remove any data so this is why I did it..But can you please tell me if a recovery program like recuva may help ? i downloaded it and it says tehre are 125000 files found so not sure what that mean ? will this possibly help me get some back ? thanks !!
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