Looking to Build a Mid-Range Desktop for around $1500, Need Help Choosing Parts...


This is my first build, so I am excited but a little lost.
The computer is intended for light to medium gaming (Minecraft, Steam games, as well as schoolwork).

I have done some research, so I at least know a bit about what I want.

After looking at CPU's, I have decided that I want either an i7 4820k or an i7 4770k. (Which is better?)

Also, I really like the Asus Maximus VI Hero. Is it a good choice for either core?

What would a good cooler be for the CPU? I think I want either a Noctua air cooler or a liquid cooler like the Kraken x60 or Cosiar H110. Are these ok?

I have decided that I want at least 2 gigs of RAM and have been looking at some graphics cards. Can you tell me the difference in performance of different chipsets, and a good choice in chipset/card for me?

I have chosen two cases I like, and they are both from AZZA. One is the Genesis 9000, and the other the Hurrican 2000R. Again, could you help determine which is better for my needs?

I have already selected RAM (G Skill 8 gigs) and a hard drive (Seagate 1 TB).

Thank you so much!
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  1. What type of steam games? as for your questions....

    1. 4870k is over kill unless video editing, there is no reason to spend on it when you can spend it on a better gpu.
    Also the same applies for the 4770k, you can get the same performance with an i5 4670k in games.

    2. its a bit over over priced for a mobo also if you really want the i7 4820k you will need a 211 socket mobo.

    3. the Corsair H110 is a nice one but it really comes to preference and if you want to water cool or if you want to air cool

    4. if are going to be OCing you probably be going with the z87 chipset unless you are going with the 4820k.

    5. both are quit expensive and they're a new company, but it up to preference again

    6. AMD is also releasing there new GPUs soon, so you might want to wait till the prices settle.
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