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Hey there, basically I want to build a rig and I am currently looking forward to buy a 4770K and GTX 780 from either Newegg or Amazon. As the title states I'll buy these once the black friday hits the stores. I was wondering how much of a sale does newegg provide on these parts? I mean based on previous years could you give me an estimate? Will I be able to pick up 780 for 550$ (Currently 650) and a 4770K for about 250$ (Currently 340) from the above mentioned stores? Should I look forward to buying a cpu/mobo combo? ( I mean more discount on that?) Thank-you very much for your response in advance!
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  1. Will you shop any in store deals?
  2. giltyler said:
    Will you shop any in store deals?

    Actually I am outside the states, my cousin will be buying the stuff on my behalf and ship them to me. He lives in East Meadow, NY. Preferred stores are, as mentioned, newegg and amazon.
  3. giltyler said:

    In store pick up not possible and im asking for a estimate only
  4. Theres no way of us knowing what sales they will be providing. They may release the sale details a few days (maaaaybe a week) early, but any "estimate" right now would just be speculation and probably nowhere near accurate.

    its also worth noting that these two websites might not even offer a sale on either of those items for black friday. you can wait til then, but if you found a decent deal before then you should probably go for it. just my two cents
  5. I see. Still, I'd like to know an estimate lets suppose they actually do offer discounts on mentioned items. Just kinda wanna know if its worth waiting ( I mean atleast $100 off the GFX). Again, suppose they will provide sale, if they don't thats a different story then
  6. Generally it isn't a huge sale, maybe $20 to $50 off on most things and then half off of one big thing (that actually sucks)
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