What is the best video card upgrade for sony rx-660 vaio digital studio desktop?

I have a Sony RX-660 Vaio digital studio desktop. It is about 12 tears old now. What is the best video card i could upgrade it with. I have some old games that I would like to play on it, and it keeps freezing and skipping. Thanks.
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  1. What wattage is the power supply in the system? There are some AGP Radeon 4670 cards on ebay but they may be too much for the CPU.

    Unless you need an old system for some reason (to run Win 98 or something that does not have drivers for new computers), you can get a full Core 2 Duo tower and a newer low end gaming card for about $150, would be 3-4 times the cost of just a video card, but will be a LOT better overall.
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