Guys i need turbo c++ for windows 7 64 bits, please guys help me its urgent :(

Guys i need turbo c++ for windows 7 64 bits, please guys help me its urgent :(
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  1. The only related release to Turbo C++ with a 64 bit compiler is Embarcadero C++Builder versions XE4 and XE5, for which compatibility information can be found here at the Windows Compatibility Center. The product page can be found here.

    Turbo C++ itself is a 16 bit application. The technology Windows on Windows (WoW) facilitates 16 bit application support in Windows 32 bit, thus 16 bit applications require a 32 bit environment to function. In 64 bit versions of Windows, a similar technology known as Windows on Windows 64 bit (WoW64) facilitates the running of 32 bit applications; 16 bit support is not possible. In order to provide an environment in a system which runs a native 64 bit Windows 7 environment, virtualization technology will be required.

    If you have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate, the Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC technologies will provide you with a 32 bit Windows XP Professional virtual environment which will be compatible with Turbo C++. It can even be used to publish the applications to the Windows 7 workspace so that they can be accessed as though natively installed. The DOSBox solution provided by Idewitt is another example of a virtualization technology used to emulate a 16 bit environment.
  2. Thanks guys
  3. Use DOSBox modified Turbo C. It works well..
    You may see this instructions:
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