Can anyone help me find out whats wrong with my Asus GTX650 graphic card please?

Hey everyone!
I recently did a major upgrade for my computer, the only thing that i kept from the previous setup is my "intel core i7 920 2.66Ghz" mother board.
the things i added in the upgrade are:
* seasonic 600W active pfc 80 +12cm fan psu ss-600et (oem)
* antec three hundred two mid tower gamer black case (no psu)
* Monitor: Dell U2412M Ultrasharp with Led IPS 24 inch wide screen
* Graphic card: asus gtx 650 2gb GDDR5 DX11
* Memory: G.skill ares 2X4GB ddr3 1600Mhz PC3-12800 kit cl9-9-9 (f3-1600C9D-8GAB)

I am using windows 7 64bit enterprise edition.

The problem is:
My graphic card seem to do a bad job...
I tested it on the game far cry 3.
it looks like the game is playable only on medium quality settings or lower,
Anything above that gets really low FPS...
I did a 3dmark basic test and it showed very bad results in the Fire strike test
you can see the results here if it helps:

Please if someone can find what the problem may be that would be awsome :)!!!
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  1. What resolution are you playing on ?
  2. NelGaming said:
    What resolution are you playing on ?

    Hey NelGaming im playing on a resolution of 1920X1200
    window mode borderless
    vsync: off
    gpu max buffred frames: 1
    widescreen letterbox: off
    direct x: direct x 11
    msaa Anti aliasing: off
    alpha to coverage: enhanced
    ssao method: HDAO
    field of view: 73.15: about a third of the bar
    subtitles: english
    this is what shown on the far cry 3 video option screen
  3. I have gtx 650 2GB and Far Cry 3 too :)
    Try to play on full screen. I will try the same test that you did and if its way off then is something wrong with your GPU.
    And update your drives (if you havent done it already)

  4. Ok nel : ) Thank you for the time to try and help! i will check if i can find a driver update somewhere
    please tell me if you get the same results: )

    were you able to play on ultra?
  5. Ok so here is my results :
    Ok so if you play on full screen so it laggs less. Try putting max gpu buffred frames to 2.

    Yes , a can play on ULTRA but the frame rate is from 16- 20 soo unplayeble.
  6. Hey nel :) i think its safe to say we just bought a low lvl graphic card :D i asked in other forums and thats what everyone tells me :)
    thank you for your time and feedback :) im gonna just play on medium XD haha
  7. Yep i and am thinking to getting nice gtx 760 and maybe AMD FX - 8350 cpu . :)
    Then i will can rock ULTRA xD
  8. Haha! I will save my money for now :D
    i should have bought a serious graphic card from the beggining XD
    Good luck with your gtx 760 :))
  9. Yeah when i start building PC would be awsome if i picked some thing like 660 or 670.
    With that 760 we will see : )
  10. If i was a rich man :D haha
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