Can any one name a good gaming graphics card for around £60. Thanks

Im looking to pay around £60 for a decent gaming graphics card, could anyone suggest a good one. I've been looking at this:

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  1. In that price range, the card you have listed is about the best you can get. I owned that same card at one time, and it will run some games pretty well at 1080p. It really just depends on the games you want to play. I know that card will not be good for games that are demanding like crisis 3 and the witcher 2.
  2. im just after playing games like amnesia, outlast, garrys mod, games like that, because i play the big game like battlefield and crisis on consoles and im gettin gthe xbox one so thats why my budget is low. Thanks for you reply :)
  3. Yeah it will run those games no problem as long as your processor meets the requirements. Even though that's an entry level card, it still looks much better than the current consoles.
  4. my specs are
    AMD Phenom(tm) 8450 Triplecore processor 2.10GHz
    6.00 GB RAM
    and a 600 watt power supply
  5. You'll be fine
  6. ok thanks :)
  7. Ive just got this for £60 because it is an OEM, normally they retail for £120. ive just played World of warcraft on ultra without a hitch, thanks for your help
  8. No problem
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