Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Hits UK

Samsung's Galaxy Ace 3 finally makes its way to the UK.

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  1. It has a few different names in the USA... its junk. For a budget Android phone, get an LG... they are quite good.

    The low-end Galaxy gets VERY HOT and a very short battery life. Its a cute little phone... but a POS.
  2. Funny, that's the same specs as the good old Galaxy S, which was top of the line a few years ago. I have one, and it's quite good, this might be a nice budget phone with a dual core.

    That said, I have to agree with belardo, there are other better and cheaper phones around.
  3. Reminds me of my Galaxy Exhilarate, 1GB of ram, low storage, 1.2ghz processor. Paid $200 a year ago it's worth about $80 used now. Still works well though considering.
  4. Samsung should be smarter than this. Everyone knows releasing cheap products is going to dilute the good Galaxy name.
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