The "new" AMD GPU's coming out vs Nvidia

So do you guys think we should even be bothered with the 800-series next year? Seeing as AMD once again are not even trying against their competition? First intel and now Nvidia...

I am of mind to hold out with my 600-series until the 900's come out in 2015... if my tech can survive that long, I really hope they do. With the consoles being old tech I believe I can get away with it for 16 more months....

What about you guys? Give me your opinions about this?

I am not a fanboy of anything in fact I have always made turns with Ati/ AMD Radeon then Nvidia.

Usually Asus Nvidia because they are smexy, but now I am inclined to stay with Nvidia and not even look at the competition...

is this a good thing or bad thing? Will this cause the market to stay innovative or stagnate and just come out with minor updates similar to what happened to Apple & the iPhone...

let the discussion ...BEGIN!
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  1. As nothing is known about Maxwell or its performance it's far too early to say whether it will be worth getting or not, I am hoping for something good though as I'd really like to replace this 7790.
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