Segate freeagent goflex 500 GB external hard-disk is not getting detected

I am Prachi. I have an external segate hard disk. When i connect it to PC, it is not getting detected and not even listed in Disk Management.
Please help me...
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  1. Double-check in Disk Management to make sure there is no drive ribbon in there which is classified as "Raw" with no model name.
    If there is, that's your missing drive. It just needs a letter assigning to it so that Windows Explorer can "see" it.
    Right-click that ribbon and choose "Change Drive Letters & Paths".
    Click "New" and accept the default letter or choose a different one.
    Click "Next" or "OK" and wait a few seconds.

    If it is definitely not shown in Disk Management, try testing it with "SeaTools for Windows":

    If that can't detect the drive, assume that the drive has failed.
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