Hello I'm building myself a gaming PC

Hello I'm building myself a gaming PC to play all modern games at 1080p. But I don't thinks that's too related to my question. I was wondering if its worth the forty extra bucks to get myself some 60 dollar ram. I know you barely need more than 6 gigabytes of ram for gaming but when I'm not gaming i do a lot of windows games and application updates as well as internet surfing with multiple windows open and usually 1-2 malware destroyer things going. Will a stick of 1x4gbs of ram for 40 bucks do the job? Or should it be 8 gbs for 40 bucks? Or 8 gbs of ram for 60? Can someone help? I want to make sure i don't forget to tie loose ends when i order all my parts.

(BTW I will sometimes do some video editing. Nothing crazy just Windows Movie Maker stuff. I heard that that really makes the difference. And i never game with extra applications on other than Dxtory and Skype.) Thanks!
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  1. 8 gigs is better that way your computer is future proof witch is a investment.
    it does not matter how many gigs a computer has it only uses what it needs. when you computer is idling it will only use between 5 to 15 percent
  2. 8 GB is basically the entry level these days, so should look to a 2x4GB set of DRAM
  3. Get 8 gig of RAM, for exact parts that would be good for a gaming system, check the system builder forums here. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/forum-31.html

    Poke around a few threads you can see what people recommend for RAM. Not that you can't go with some Kingston Value RAM or the basic Crucial stuff, it's all stable and OK to buy. Since you are building a "gaming" system, most people want the best ram for the job, which is usually fast with good timing and good overclocking reputation.
  4. What mobo/CPU
  5. Tradesman1 said:
    What mobo/CPU

    A gigabyteLMT something with an am3+ socket for 40-50$
    My cpu is a fx-6300
  6. Is it worth getting 60$ ram for 8 gbs or will 30-40 of 8 gigabyte ram do the job? And im assuming that 30-40$ ram for 4 gigs is out of the question since you said 8 gigs for ENTRY LEVEL ---Gaming
  7. Look for a set that is 1600 with a CL of 9 or better (CL is the first number of the base timings i.e. say the timings are 9-10-10-29 it's the 9 (lower is better)
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