Is intel pentium G3220 good for gaming

Just asking cuz im buying a new pc
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  1. Well,it'd be helpful if you provided more information about the PC you are intending to build,and the games which you would be playing. Does your PC have a GPU? Or do you intend to play games with the onboard Graphics? If you plan on adding a GPU to your system,I'd say the G3220 would be fine,taking it's price into consideration,though I wouldn't call it's performance fantastic. Well,if you don't plan on adding a GPU,I'd say your best bet is to go with an AMD APU,which would provide you with decent CPU performance and a very good Graphics performance. AMD has some similar priced APUs if you're very tight on budget. You should provide more information.
  2. An AMD 760k would be a better CPU for newer games being a quad core. As said above, need more information to really give much more advice.
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