Please suggest a PC RTS single player game

Hi all.

I have a cousin that wants DotA, but I don't want him spending countless houses playing a MMO - since the 15 year old has lots of homework, needs sunshine, etc. etc.
He's in Singaporean guy, so he probably won't understand the SC2 country music.

Anyway I'm not heartless, is there some "premium" PC single player (NO INTERNET - NO Subscription fees) alternative to DotA ?
I know of some titles like Warcraft III and "Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth" - but those are like 10 years old. I personally like Empire Earth - but that looks too old-style for him and not really "fantasy".
Any other ideas?
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  1. DotA is a MOBA, not an MMO... and it doesn't cost any "houses".
  2. Thanks for the post!
    Do I need to worry about installing malware when DotA 2 is installed?
    What does cost any "houses" mean? I read the Wiki and DotA is free to play. But nothing is free. Please elaborate.
    I have my own kids - only 2 years old. Something to look forward to years later.
  3. DotA2, League of Legends, and other mobas, tend to rely on optional micro-transactions. In Dota2 these are mostly just cosmetic, but with League of Legends you can pay money to unlock additional champions earlier.
    - In either case you can get away with spending a small amount on the game.

    MOBAs aren't the same thing as MMOs, but can be very time consuming, since it takes more practice to stay competitive vs most other types of games. Each game can be pretty time consuming as well. So, if you're concerned that your cousin doesn't have enough restraint not to get addicted to that sort of gaming, you still might want to pass on encouraging the MOBA thing...
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