Seagate Explains Cloud Storage Service Interruption

Seagate points to issues partner Nero had with its back-end service provider.

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  1. Another day, another cloud disaster... yeah place it all in the cloud *cough cough*
  2. the private cloud is a better way to go. Private meaning that your company hosts its own servers... Like in the 1990's err...
  3. The Cloud is a good concept, but not for everything. If I were a medium sized business IT director, I'd use a combination of local, private cloud, and public cloud, depending on purposes. The only thing I'd ever upload to a public cloud would be encrypted backup data, and then only as a secondary backup. I'd never use it for primary storage or capacity. Yeah: "Let's put the fate of our company in the hand of our ISP and some other company!" That's just stupid.
  4. You could just use Google Cloud. Google is indestructible. The supercomputer that triggers the singularity will probably be Google's.
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