7950 vs 760 ( EVGA super clocked edition) in frame rate performance.

I need to know which would give me a better fps. I don't care about the features of the cards, just the fps. If someone could find me average framerate or framerate difference between these two cards in games not specifically optimized for Nvidia or AMD. If that is too hard, just give me a basic average fps difference between the tow, saying which is better. I do know that neither cards are dramatically better. I do know that neither card is better in general. I want to know if the 760 superclocked edition would change any of that.
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  1. a 760 has higher lows but lower highs in terms of fps. Some games are, you could say, optimized for either amd or nvidia. To be completely honest, they are quite close but if your looking at overclocking go for the 760 because of its mhz range between core clock and boost clock
  2. trade blows depending on game. they are more or less on par, the 760 probably wins more benches than the 7950. for a dual card setup take the 760 hands down.
  3. The HD 7950 is less expensive and just as powerful, if not more powerful:
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