URGENT PSU neededed between 500 and 600 Watts, please suggest

Hello, I would be using it in i5, asus haswell and with no graphic card. The real question is that I have very limited choices. And the choices are:

Corsair Gaming GS600 Watts Model: CP-9020063
Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 550 Watts Model: RS550-80GAJ3
Cooler Master GXII 550 Watts Model: RS-750-ACAA-B1
Please suggest ASAP! Thanks and Regards
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  1. The CM Silent Pro will get you the most stable power output, it's Gold rated as well so it bears 90% efficiency throughout the spectrum.

    The GS600 is only bronze rated (80%) so you're looking at a shorter period of time before the output voltage of the PSU drops below that which the PC needs. (As PSUs age their output dips). From what I hear it also delivers a less stable voltage, with fluttering on the 12v.

    The GX2 is a reasonable choice, plagued by the same issues of bronze rating. It's better than the GS600. I would recommend this if you didn't have a Haswell as it's probably the most rock solid build PSU for OCing, and the extra 50w of power would help, even if that only translates to an effective increase of a few watts (take away 10% of the power for the lower efficiency).

    All in all, try for the Silent Pro. It will serve you well, last longer, and require a little less power for the same job saving you on your bill.
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