Corsair 750D Case and AX760i PSU = not compatible with each other? Please suggest most compatible PSU

Hi. I just bought Corsair 750D. I love it.
When I installed Power Supply, which is AX760i, I could only use 3 screws (two bottom ones and one on the upper right). The screw on the upper left won't work (there is a piece of metal which prevents screw to fully work).

Did I do something wrong? Those both are Corsair products, and the one of the main reasons why I bought Power supply was because I like how it looks and it has great reviews.

What should I do? Should I return the Power Supply and get another one (another model or brand) for this case?

Currently I am planning to install one video card, but later on I am planning to buy another video card and do SLI. I think 760 watts should be enough for that.
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  1. Hi -
    If it were me, and the PSU seems to be secure with the three screws, and you're not going to be moving it around much (most of the time it's just sitting in the same spot in your house) ... then I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    You can always check it periodically to ensure that it's still secure, but I've put lots of parts into PCs over the years and occasionally not been able to get a screw to fit here or there.

    Good luck!
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