Will Dual Display Eat Resources of CPU ? (Built in Card)


I have Intel Board, in which i am using Pentium Desktop Processor. This board also supports i7 processors, so i guess this board is not that old technology board.

Now it has two outputs from graphic card (which is builtin) one is normal/common monitor cable and one is dvi.

I was thinking to have dual monitors, as i am graphic designer. So do let me know if it is good idea or not.

My only concern is the CPU Resources, as this is for my work, so i am not thinking about extra electricity bill or desk space or etc. But CPU Resources/LOAD etc should be kept in mind as i need processor, ram in always charming condition.

Kindly do reply me.
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  1. What CPU specifically?

    In usual windows usage, you wont notice any difference. If you are doing intensive 3d work (which I suspect you aren't, if you are using integrated graphics) you will see a performance drop.

    What programs do you use for graphic design?
  2. Sorry if i was not able to explain my problem properly. The real thing i want to know is, does it make any difference for graphic card, if there are two monitors connected on it or just one ?

    I use Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Not 3d and very huge ones.
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