Hey I Just Bought and built my new Gaming Rig!at about 750$
So I Have Installed windows (7 ultimate 64BIT)
And Every Game Starts Freezing For 5 or 6 seconds And then unfreeze!But the
Problem is that it happens EVERY second!
So I have run Cod 4,Black Ops 2,Skyrim(all at ultra settings (tried low as well..) )
And Still Freeze the only game that doesnt seem to freeze is Minecraft But It Works With Java so i will leave that.
All Of The Drivers Have Been installed! But Still Having Problems!
I virus scaned it.Found A few viruses BUT STILL Freezes!
So I am sure it's not my hardware Because It's AWESOME!(lol)
Soo yeah If you know what the problem might Be PLEASE HELP ME!!
Oh And My Build Specs: 750W Psu
CPU:amd APU A10 Series 6800k(4.1 Ghz Not Overclocked)
GPU:MSI Radeon 7770 HD
RAM:8GB Crucial 1333Mhz(ddr3)
MotherBoard:GigaByte f2a85xm-HD3
FANS:3(With Heatsink)120mm
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  1. im not the best at this but it might be you monitor. because you have a good gfx card so your running games at more than 60 fps so you might be experncing screen tering.
    it might also be that you gfx card isent working properly and it might be trying to run off of the intragated gpu. make sure you have everyting in properly. also make sure i know you said it but you have the latest radeon drivers form there website. otherwise if that dident work i dont know. like i said im not the best at this.
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