Will this be enough for 1440p gaming?

I have a 7870 Myst edition right now clocked at 1200 core 1500 memory which is a beast for 1080p. I am now looking to upgrade to a 1440p monitor. I've read tons of forums and there seems to be a varying opinion on whether 2gb vram is enough for games on a single monitor at 1440p. I was thinking about buying another Myst for crossfire but wanted to ask people who have ACTUAL relevant experience with 2gb cards at 1440p. Anti-aliasing aside, would 2 gb be enough?
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    Hi there DCP5082,

    I have a GTX 670 with 2GB VRAM and game at 1440p with some reduced details at very decent frame rates. I have heard numerous times the "rumor" that the higher resolutions demands more than 2GB VRAM but whenever I try to look up actual numbers there seems to be little to no difference between similar cards at 1440p with 2 v 4 GB VRAM.

    As evidenced in this review of a GTX670 4GB vs GTX670 2GB there is actually no discernible difference even at 1440p with the 2GB card actually performing faster in some test.

    So until someone proves to me with numbers in hand that it is not so I would say 2GB VRAM is totally enough to game at 1440p.


    EDITED PS or look at this, really no difference even at 1600p
  2. agreed with above 2gb is fine.

    depends on the game... my 7950 crossfire fully overclocked is still getting eaten alive on ultra in BF4. it cant hold 60fps.

    hopefully with driver updates that will get better thou.
  3. Much appreciated! I will go ahead and get the second myst card
  4. 2 Gb enough but gpu is'nt enough.
    HD 7870,HD 7950 for 1080p but if you overclock you will play games 2k and medium-high quality.Fps usually will 30-40

    Sorry I don't read "get the second myst card"
    Everything will be good :)
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