AMD a10 5800k vs. a8 5600k

I was just wondering if i should get AMD A8 or A10, They are both accelerated processing units but i was wondering for high end gaming if A8 would be alright. I am not after the integrated gpu but the the processor its self and its speed. Am i better off getting A10?. Im not going to use the integrated graphics, i have a dedicated graphics card and will disable the APU graphics.

My PC specs:
Gigabyte F2A85X-D3H Motherboard
Radeon HD 7950 (will get 2nd when i have the money)
Seagate 1tb Hard disk
12 gb DDR3 Ram
Antec 1000w PSU
Cooler Master Case

I will be playing games like BF4, COD GHOSTS, DCS WORLD flight sim. on ultra settings

Thanks MaXiMus M8
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  1. You're probably better off getting an AM3+ board with an FX processor; something like a FX-6300 should be sufficient.

    APU processors are more of a main-stream, entry level based option. If you're set on the FM2 platform, at the very least, get something like an Athlon II 750K, which is just an APU with the integrated graphics disabled. You can take the money you saved and invest it towards an aftermarket cooling solution to overclock.
  2. if you are familiar with overclock then buy the Fx 6300 and OC it or else you can also buy the Fx 6350 if your budget permits that.
  3. I can't recommend any FM2 cpu for a crossfire set up of 7950s. As others have said, you should probably invest in the AM3+ platform and go with at least a 6300. If you can afford it I'd recommend the 8320 but that is if you have the money for a decent AM3+ board and cpu. Otherwise go with the 6300.

    If you must go with FM2 realize that a crossfire set up would be a bad idea, especially with 7950s. But if you do go with FM2, go with the Athlon X4 760k and overclock it as high as you can.

    Honestly I don't think that any FM2 cpu will be able to handle BF4 multiplayer on ultra at playable framerates. In BF4 multiplayer you might even run into a bottleneck with just one 7950 (since BF multiplayers are quite cpu intensive)
  4. thanks is athlon the best fm2 socket processor you can get. otherwise ill have to sell my motherboard and get am3. should i get two graphics card and crossfire?

  5. the athlon is equivalent to the A-8, without the integrated graphics. Honestly you'd be better off getting an AM3+ board and a good CPU.

    Crossfire is a mixed bag. It is completely at the mercy of drivers and developer support. Some game developers don't support dual cards (altho this is rare nowadays). Crossfire has some issues with micro stuttering, this is a driver issue and has been getting better as new drivers get released. You'll also have higher temps in your case and you'll have to make sure your cooling is up to par. Adding in a second card is definitely a huge boost in power though. Most cards can't get anything close to playable when playing in eye infinity mode (3 1080p monitors playing a single game) where as a crossfire or SLI set up is often the only way to do it. I normally say see how one card goes, and if it isn't good enough, add a second.
  6. Okay thanks i just have to get the processor and i might upgrade to am3 in the future
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