Computer won't start after randomly shutting down

Hello all.

Yesterday, my computer randomly shut down. After my computer shut down, I hit the power button and nothing responds. I unplug the power cord and re plug it in, then tried to power my pc, and my pc lights and everything comes on for .25s and shuts off right after. Hitting the power button again does nothing until the power is reset.

I've tried taking out the ram sticks and nothing changes. I've ruled out that the psu isn't the problem. The psu is literally brand new -- 1000w cooler master 80 plus gold modular psu that I bought less than a week ago. I've also tried unplugging the graphics card from the psu and non essential input devices and nothing changed.

Before this happened, when I played games, my cpu was consistently at 95-99C and mobo was dangerously high at 70-80C.. it was like this for around 5 hours. After my game ended, I went and saw that I forgot to plug in the liquid cooling. After I did that, my temps normalized at 20-25C. A few minutes after temps normalized, my pc randomly shuts down and this is how the problem began. Any idea what I should do next? I'm guessing the motherboard or cpu or both probably dead and needs to be replaced but not 100% sure. If a part is dead... I don't understand why my pc crashed after temps normalized?? I'm suffering from computer withdrawl since I don't have a working pc... please help!!!
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