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Hi guys,

I am struggling with a problem here : this morning when I turned on my pc, the monitor didn't turned on, he stayed on stand by and I thought that might be from the graphic card. I tried again without doing anything and it worked. I guessed that :"well, who knows, everyone has bad days" .

After 10 minutes the blue screen appeared and I have restared the PC, Then again, after 5 minutes, same story .

When I tried to turn on again, it wasn't possible and on the motherboard (EVGA SR-x) the code was 67 , which means "67 - CPU DXE initialization (CPU module specific)"

I have searched on some website and some people pulled out the usb from the mouse. I did the same and it worked, I have started with "windows startup repair" and it worked, for a couple of minutes.

And now I have again that code (67) :( . Can somebody help me to fix this ?
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  1. When you get the blue screen, what is the STOP code? Should be near the bottom and starts with 0x00....
  2. Thanks for the answer. The STOP code was very long and when the blue screen appeared, the resolution decreased very much and it was impossible to read the entire code.
    I have fix it like this :

    I have 68GB rram, and I pulled out 4 sticks (32 GB rram) and then the computer started without freezing. I have reinstalled Windows and put the rram dimms back and now everything is fine :) .
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