Usb 3.0 runs at 2.0 speed.

I can't get those usb 3.0 ports to work properly.

After a year I build my own pc I ordered an usb 3.0 flash drive.
Some days ago when I first tested it seems not to run at 3.0 speed, but 2.0. I also see the message from windows: this device can run faster when connected with an usb 3.0 port.

Both the usb ports on the back of my case and the integrated usb connectors on the front of my case run at 2.0 speed. When transferring a file the speed is around the same when connected with a 2.0 port.

I remember installing a driver from Intel for 3.0 usb when building my pc. That not necessary was for Win 8. Other than that I haven't messed up anything else.

What are the things I can do so I can Use this nice feature?

Is there an chance that reformatting is the problem? formatted the flashdrive to NTFS.

Win 8 64bit
Adata usb flash drive elite s102 pro
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  1. Did you install the Intel chipset driver?
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