need help building my new pc

hi, I am trying to install windows 7 professional 64-bit with sp1 to my intel D915GAG motherboard with an 80 gig hdd and two disc drives but it is not working, every time i try to use the setup disc it comes up with a bsod so i tried taking out one of my two disc drives so it does not get confused between them, and now the bios is showing the normal ram checks and drive detection but then stops and says
'fixed hard drive 0
error 166
press <f4> to enter setup'
and wont let me do anything else. i bought this motherboard from ebay and has kept getting persistant errors but all of them i have been able to fix until this one, so i am thinking of getting a new motherboard but i would just like to get it working.

please help me if you can would appreciate it but please try to explain fully as i am only 14 and may not understand things that are too technical
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  1. Try with a single stick of DRAM
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Try with a single stick of DRAM

    thanks for replying but this did not work. i have found out what the beep code was and it was a CPU error so i took all of the components out including CPU and CMOS battery and reset the time and date but the error 116 message stayed and i cant seem to find in the motherboard manual. have you got any new motherboard suggestions.

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