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Hi I really want to get into triple monitor gaming and I'm very excited to do so. I'm having some problems though deciding on GPU choice. I have around a 1300 dollar limit on making a gpu choice. My original thought was to do 1 GTX titan, but then I thought it would be cool to do a Crossfire or SLI build so I started looking.

I saw that the 7990 is on sale right now on newegg for around 600 dollars. I thought it would be really cool to quadfire those cards, but I have heard issues with Crossfire right now. Will those issues be getting fixed?

What would your advice be? I would like to replies to not be of the fanboyish type like "Nvidia is so much better" or the other way around. Please note that these gpu's would be for an overall larger build that I'm doing. Thank-you

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  1. Been issues with CrossFire since it came out, (along with numerous promises of 'fixes' which haven't happened), I'd look to SLI and prob a pair of 780s, might look at the Asus, with the CU cooling as you'll want want better cooling than that on the ref cards
  2. I'd wait and see what the R9 290x performs like and is priced at. Then go from there.
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