Is it worth upgrading from an Asus GTX 590 to an Asus GTX 780 DirectCU II?


I'll mostly be playing Battlefield 4 so is this upgrade worth all the money? Btw: I'm a sucker for eye candy and I want to max this game out with this upgrade.(on a 120hz monitor so frames per second is important for me.)

Waiting for the GTX 800 series (Maxwell architecture) is another option.

Thanks in advance! (Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language.)
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    No 780 will give u only 10% performance increase which is not worth it. U can pass this gen with 590 then upgrade in 800 series that will be a big upgrade
  2. nvm
  3. Thanks for the answer but I only get around 20-30 fps on Battlefield 4 Beta with everything maxed out and that looks and plays pretty bad on a 120Hz monitor :(
  4. There are issues with every one in battlefield 4 beta. Let the game release it will be better optimized.
  5. Thanks for your answer. Are you sure about the performance increase? I thought I'd get at least a 30 percent increase with the GTX 780... I want to upgrade my graphics card and max the game out and play it on a 120Hz monitor but I just can't be sure to upgrade or wait... :)
  6. yea beta means it is not final product, it will surely run better after release. Overall 780 is 10% performance over 590, just let it release and then if u feel u are not getting the desired performance then upgrade.
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