my pc will not power up after installing a faulty power supply

my pc will not power up after installing a faulty power supply ive put the old one back in now all that happens is the blue power light comes on all fans start cpu,psu,case,graffics card that's it there is no noise coming from the hard drive and nothing coming up on screen ive removed all components cables ect and tried to fire it up with just one stick of ram and onborard graffics but still nothing comes up any ideas
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  1. This actually happened to me just like earlier today.

    Your Faulty PSU most likely would have killed your MoBo.
    I had to replace both of mine.
  2. Reset your CMOS clock if you haven't tried that yet, might get you up and running
  3. just tried mate no joy cheers anyway
  4. Update I tried replacing the motherboard with a new one and it would boot into bios but no hard drive was detected so I installed a clean hard drive and reinstalled windows and it was alive for a week now the power switch on the case won't work so I jumped the green and black wire on the 24pin psu with it unplugged and the psu fires up so then I tried it connected to the mb jumped and all the fans start CPU,traffics card,case fans but there is no output to the screen what am I doing wrong have I just thrown £100 down the drain
  5. Don't you have like a replacement warranty? You could test out the mobo from where you bought it, if it is defective, they'll replace it right away. Also, do check if there is nothing wrong with your PSU, PSUs usually work even though they are defective, killing the MoBo Right away.
  6. What is the make and model of your new PSU? It's quite likely it is damaging your motherboards. The spinning fan test only ensures the PSU is getting and using power, nothing else
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