Suggestions on best monitor for Console Gaming and Graphic Design?

I'm looking for a monitor that would work for both console gaming and graphic design. So ideally it would need to have both DVI and HDMI ports and I'm looking to spend no more than $400

I've done lot's a research and the monitors that I'm stuck between is the Asus PA248Q IPS and the Crossover 27Q

The Asus PA248Q seems to have mixed reviews both on Newegg and Amazon, both sites reporting massive amounts of backlight bleed and flickering happening after a few months of use. This monitor has all the inputs I am looking for HDMI & DVI

The Crossover 27Q - the only thing stopping me from not buying this beauty is because it only has ONE DVI-D input meaning I would have to keep swapping cables between my PC and Xbox 360. I have tried to find a dual channel DVI switch box but the only one's I've pulled up cost hundreds of dollars, monoprice has one but it's only single channel box.

Can anyone recommend any other monitors for my situation?

Response time is not a big concern, I rather have a better picture for my console games as I already have a secondary ASUS monitor for my competitive gaming (Halo, Gears, Battlefield).

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  1. There's no need in spending $400 for a 1080p monitor.

    Take a look at this monitor -

    Btw - It's a solid quality built monitor (I own one and it's amazing for gaming/everyday use).
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