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We support numerous customers that have different VPN solutions in place. Its difficult to be able to support and access these systems when there are so many different VPNs that step on each other.

Is there any way to have multiple VPN clients on one server that I could use as a "VPN Proxy"?

I'm just trying to make my life easier by having one PC on my desk instead of many to support the many clients.
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  1. VPN clients by their design try to take over the networking on a machine. Lets say you managed to do what you propose and have 2 vpn clients up to 2 different customers. You have now in effect connected the 2 networks together with no security other than what your machine provides. The only reason it has not caused a issue is the VPN are stupid and you would have to do more to route the traffic together but it is very possible if you do it intentionally.

    For this reason most people set the options to prevent you from running more than one....then again IPSEC is pretty particular about things and will detect other vpn as a attack and will disable it.

    The best way would be to install very minimal virtual machines on your machine and run a vpn client in each.
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