Psu for a ASRock-Z87-EXTREME4-Motherboard / Intel Core i5 4670K


Need a psu for a ASRock-Z87-EXTREME4-Motherboard / Intel Core i5 4670K/ with 1ssd & 2hdd Could you reccomend any please?
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  1. Any graphics cards, or using integrated?
  2. Just using it for music production, so was going to use the integrated one.
  3. Something like this would serve you well if you are on a tight budget

    Otherwise, get a seasonic
  4. Thanks for the jimthenagual

    Do you know much ram i can put in the ASRock-Z87-EXTREME4-Motherboard ? I was thinking of getting some of these?

    Could i put in 4 sticks of 8 or only two?
  5. That motherboard supports a maximum of 32Gb of ram, and it has 4 slots available. What version of windows will you be running, because that too can limit how much ram you can use. Make sure your windows version is 64 bit version, not 32.
  6. Thanks jimthenagual, yeah going to upgrade to windowns 7 - 64 bit. Thanks for your help and time :)
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