DICE Talks About Steam Machines, Linux Gaming

DICE believes Steam Machines will be good for the console market.

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  1. Bring me Battlefield 4 on Steam and I'm sold!
  2. Been playing on Linux all year!
    Both Wargames - Euro Escalation and Airland Battle,
    All Source Engine games
    Raven - Legacy of a Master Thief
    ARMA Tactics
    And just bought Amnesia - A Machine for Pigs - currently downloading.
    Massively looking forward to Rome II Total War's Linux port
    and Metro Last Light (due within the next couple of months I believe).
    Crytek is also now developing using the latest OpenGL and porting their DirectX 11 engine and have hired developers.
    The future is bright for Linux! Sooner or later people will realise that they are wasting their money on M$ bloatware, $$$ better spent on hardware and games.
  3. If you read between the lines, dice has a nice game engine fb3, and with steam os they could potentially release a title like bf4 per say on the steam machine to entice large amounts of gamers.
  4. If the steam OS can also be used as a media centre or integrated seamlessly with XBMC it would help move it to the living room faster. Or as I've heard: Steam Holiday sale + Movies and Music = sore wallet.
  5. Just make Battlefront III as magical as possible :')
  6. EA doesn't have to pay license fees to MS, Sony or Nintendo to support Steam Linux gaming. If it wanted to EA could stop supporting Windows at some point. Windows PC sales aren't growing any more.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if valve releases half life 3 simultaneously with a commercial steamOS release, and then offer the game for free with every steam machine purchased. That or make half life 3 a steamOS only title, but I don't think they'd alienate millions of windows based PC gamers.
  8. Making HL3 a SteamOS exclusive would be... well... the expression "brass balls" comes to mind.
  9. I agree with the competition part, but I don't think that is going to happen so much as we will just have yet another gaming rig. Game devs are going to have 4 platforms to develop for instead of 3. Me, I'm not giving up my computer, and really am mystified at this point why other people just don't go ahead and migrate over. Like, everyone already has a computer, so just save that $500 you'll spend on a new console, spend it on games, spend on a better graphics card, whatever. The only thing Xbox and Playstation have going for them is their respective communities - and really, they just create divisions in the overall community in the end. Xbox players can't play with Playstation players can't play with PC/Mac players.

    A decade ago their was a good place for a console. They were less than $200, and you couldn't buy a computer anywhere near that and play top games on it. It's different today, their isn't enough of a price break, and it just makes games more expensive because devs have to deal with all those systems.

    And Valve is adding another.
  10. @Marcus52
    Valve didn't add anything, its the same good old PC + some OS improvments that are good for games but unusable for every day tasks. In terms of work developers will be doing nothing changed.
    As for consoles, we buy them because of the games that won't get on PC, its that simple, noone cares whether can or can't play with PC.
    P.S. Why do some people have PC for windows and Mac for Mac, its the same PC, they don't have PPC there for years already.
  11. DICE is right about one thing, a 'killer" title that will boost the platform - the only problem with that is who is prepared to take a risk pushing out a title on a platform with such a low user base as an exclusive? Either DICE is being coy and they have a AAA title they are preparing for SteamOS exclusivity, or they are politely asking Valve to do it themselves because they have no intention of losing millions in potential sales for a game they could push out to PS4, XB1 and PC?
  12. If they support Linux so much, why is BF3 cock-blocked on anything other than Windows and consoles?
  13. If they support Linux so much, why is BF3 cock-blocked on anything other than Windows and consoles?
  14. Why is it that people forget that Loki Software ported a number of Windows games to Linux in the late 1990s to the early part of this century..?!
  15. The killer app will more than likely be HL3. It will be much like many "get it early" games/ dlc. A week or maybe 2 weeks it will be exclusive to Steam OS. Give people a reason to try it out. While still supporting all other markets.
  16. @bulkzerker

    I completely agree. Im pretty sure valve will make HL3 available a few weeks on steamos first before windows. its logical, will definitely increase the steamos userbase exponentially and not piss off windows users.
  17. @Marcus52
    No, not 4 platforms. Developers need to code for Mantle, and then everything else. The easiest way to reach Intel/Nvidia or non-Mantle Steambox users would be OpenGL. Two platforms.
  18. If they support Linux so much, why is BF3 cock-blocked on anything other than Windows and consoles?
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