Trying to upgrade my pc for gaming but i lack money.

Long story short, i'm looking to upgrade my video card,

What i have: AMD Radeon HD 4850x2 (Gigabyte OC?)
Yeah found out they don't even make this card anymore.

My budget: 180 USD

I prefer AMD cards because they're cheap and they work and from my experience i've had less problems w/ these than Nvidia.
Side note, i've been hearing some mixed reviews about the r7 260x and the r9 series, can anyone elaborate on this?

(please keep in mind that i know little about computers, no trolling please.)
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  1. An R9 270x (Or HD7870 which is the same but maybe cheaper in some places) is $20 above your budget but are worth it for the cost. The reviews are about people complaining that the new cards are just cheaper models of the HD7XXX. They all work well and I would recommend them.
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