Realtek HD Audio Manger doesn't show digital audio out

I'm using an Asus 1215N netbook as an HTPC, using HDMI out to an Onkyo AVR. Playing .iso DVD rips in VLC, I can't get Dolby Digital 5.1. The Onkyo reports it is receiving "Multichannel 5.1" from the Asus, but it's not DD 5.1. My Realtek HD Audio Manger doesn't show digital audio out, only analog. I've been clicking around for days trying to figure this out...any ideas?
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  1. Try re-installing the Realtek audio driver or download & install latest one from Acer's website.
  2. Thanks Phillip -- I installed the latest driver from Asus, and no improvement. Still nothing but analog showing in the Realtek HDAM.
  3. I also installed the latest BIOS with no change in the lack of digital audio. Next step anyone?
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