Best Monitors for my GFX Set Up (Triple Screen)


I am looking for some help in narrowing down the best sized monitors for my current set up.

I am currently running two XFX AMD Radeon HD 6770s cross-fired. However, I do NOT have a Display Port currently.

The cards I have currently:

And the card that I am replacing one of the 6770s with is as follows:

My question to the community is I currently have two mismatched Acer 22"/23" monitors. I am either looking to replace all 3 in a combo deal or sell off the larger mismatched (older one that i have, don't have the model numbers in front of me) and buying 2 of the 22" Acers and a stand to hold all 3.

Does the community here have any suggestions on what I should look out for? I'm not sure if I will need a displayport adapter or if I should look for monitors that have that built in. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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  1. I wouldnt suggest running multiple monitors for gaming with 6770s. If you arent using them for gaming thatd be ok. But triple monitors on low end cards arent gonna be a good experience.
  2. most of the games I play aren't graphics intensive and I'm not really looking for the eyefinity experience crazy 3dimensional gaming... I'm mostly looking for more real estate on my desktop but balanced with decent performance. If I were going to play my Skyrim, I'd just play on one monitor max settings (which these cards do just fine, minus one of the shading options).

    In addition, I'd like to have 3 monitors that when I upgrade my PC set up down the road (probably 1-2 years build an entire new pc) that will still be relevant and flexible. I'm seeing a few deals for ~$150 for some Acer 24" monitors with display ports atm.
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