Some D-Link Routers Have Backdoor Vulnerability

D-Link is fixing a backdoor discovered in many routers.

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  1. Or you could just install a 3rd party firmware and not deal with D-Link's horrible firmware in the first place.
  2. Explaim to me like i was 5y old, how this kind of backdoor was not intentionally placed on the firmware?
  3. this is why we do not use any D-Link switches at work. Anyone can create loopbacks on them, or access parts of a network they aren't supposed to access with D-Link's backdoors.
  4. f-link sucks, locks their stuff down, overchanges, get a $30 open and go dd-wrt . voila, more business and home features than you'll ever use.
  5. It also works on DIR-615 :(
  6. Somewhere, a person named Joel is updating his resume.
  7. Better get an album cover. =)
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