Installing W7 on RAID 0 with GPT

Okay, so I've been busy all day updating my BIOS, configuring RAID (shitty MSI drivers didn't work) just so I could do a fresh install of W7 (64-bit) on a set of 7200.14 Barracuda's. Diskpart does its job of converting the volume to GPT after loading the RAID drivers, says it succeeds, but I just can't create a partition that's bigger than 2.2 TB. Really frustrating. Does anyone know a solution? I read here and there something about configuring your HDD in BIOS but can't seem to find anything (MSI P67-GD55, v. 4.3).

Edit: Okay, I discovered a few problems (and the need to boot setup in uefi mode).

1. The MSI Click-bios doesn't have an option to disable the compatibility support module, as far as I can see. Does this matter? Read that Windows setup won't boot in uefi without it. There's also no secure boot option.

2. I can boot the setup disc in uefi through the bios save & exit screen, to no avail. Uefi strangely isn't a boot option for the disc drive in settings.

Is there any way to hack the setup or bios? Am I wrong altogether? This should be way easier, I have all the right parts yet the software refuses.
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  1. It seems the uefi boot option actually DOES work! Checked the setup log, and it said the boot environment was efi. Then attempted to create a big partition and it worked. Strange it didn't work before. Actually, the bios design is quite neat: not uefi on or off, but selecting uefi on a per-device basis.
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