Thoughts on when/how much I should spend on a new gaming rig?

I know there is a lot of talk about new GPUs right now so I don't know how that will affect my decisions.
I've been wanting a new build for a while now and... oh so slowly putting money aside for it.
I want something that will be able to run the newest games on max graphics at acceptable FPS while not breaking the bank.
I was initially planning to spend around ~1k including monitor and some accessories.

But the thing I really need to know before I put a build together, is how much would it cost to run the newest games on max graphics? (what is the lowest cost build that can do so?)

And WHEN should I buy it? I'd like to buy it before the end of the year... the sooner the better, assuming prices don't change too much.

So, in my situation, would you buy it now or wait, and how much would you expect to spend on it?

Another thought is that I really would love to stream some gaming. (my internet sucks here, but when I move I'd like to stream, so consider that please.)
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  1. It all depends on what games you want to play. Also, the longer the wait the better (newer tech, etc). However, if you need the build in the next month or so you could easily drop $1000 on a build that will max any game to date. The choice is yours.
  2. I would wait till black friday to buy your parts if you can wait. Especially the monitors and extras. There will be some killer deals. It might be possible depending on the deals to get a $1500 system for $1000. But it a game you always play when building a computer. There will always be a better deal in the future or a better product will come out. It is just something you have to accept.
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