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What game should I buy for my birthday? (Nov 4th) RTS, Space/Flight combat sim, FPS, things like that. One I can spend $20 on (because I'm not buying it) and one other. What do you guys think about Civ 5, Crysis (which is best IYO), and Half-Life 2? Need description of game for all suggestions, except for the above mentioned titles. Thanks guys and girls,
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  1. Depends on what style of game you want. Civ 5 is wonderful, but only if you enjoy that style of gameplay. I could play Civ 5 for hours and have fun... but a lot of people hate it.

    Crysis is also great, just make sure your computer can handle it and you enjoy strategic FPSs with a good story. Since you haven't played Crysis before, I would start with the first one :) Half Life is OK, but I think its the worst on that list (although it is still a great game with real history)
  2. These are all great games, choose what meets your play stile the best.
  3. Never play half life 2 so cant comment on that but that one is really old. For the crysis series i like the first one better. In the first game having nano suit doesn't necessarily means you become superhuman unlike the second and third game. The nanosuit are meant to give you tactical advantage and adapt the suit ability to your situation. Going rambo could warrant quick death :D .

    If you like turn based strategy maybe youshould consider XCOM Enemy Unknown. I think they just release new expansion called Enemy Within
  4. i also didnt like crysis 3 all that much, its a pretty game but the gunplay and overall enjoyment was mediocre at best, if you really want to get crysis get 2 or 1, 3 is not worth the money at all, but again that is my opinion
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