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I have recently set up my pc to run a ssd drive for my os and a hdd drive for my file storage. I have pointed all the user files that will be used to folders on the hdd drive so that they are not on the ssd drive. My problem is that since the folders are located on the hdd drive, the other accounts i have set up on my computer have full access to the folders. I cannot find the right permission restriction settings under folder properties>security>permissions. Each time I attempt to deny a user access to a folder, my own access is denied as well. ( I am selecting that specific user and editing those permissions to be deny)

Any insights would be helpful. Thank you
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  1. Login as the administrator user then go to folder properties>security>advanced>auditing

    Select the same user that you're logged in under and hit edit, edit same user again and select full control. Make sure to select 'Apply these auditing entries to objects...' and hit ok. Check 'Replace all existing inheritable...' and hit apply, ok. If you get an 'access denied' error repeat this step after the next step.

    Now go to the owner tab>edit>select your current user and check 'replace owner on subcontainers...", hit ok twice.

    Now you should be able to set user permissions without getting access denied errors.
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