NTLDR Missing Acer Netbook. ntldrmissing.com did not help

I have an ACER Netbook with Windows XP that says NTLDR missing. When I do a system recovery from the netbook, it gets all the way to 93% then tells me there was an error and goes back to the 'ntldr is missing' screen.

I tried the instructions on the ntldrismissing.com website and got all the way to the C: prompt, but none of the other things they say should happen happens. What can I do?

I do have another acer netbook with Windows 7 that works. Is there a way to clone the operating system to a flash drive and put it on the broken netbook
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  1. Chances are it's a bad hard-drive. See if Acer had a drive check utility in the BIOS of the computer, if not, the ultimate boot CD will have a disk utility you can run. http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html

    Cloning work work. A. There is a license issue B. Unless the laptops are identical, chances are very good it won't boot after you dump the image on it.

    If the drive tests as bad (I'm 90% sure it will), you can buy a new drive and the install Windows on that drive. You can either contact Acer for a restore disk set or find an XP OEM disk and install using the key form the laptop.
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