Crossfire and 3 monitors

I have 2 X 6570 in crossfire mode and eyefinity setup.
I have an issue with one game that doesn't support eyefinity and crossfire.

When crossfire is OFF i have the game 3 times on the 3 monitors with good FPS
When crossfire is ON i have it on middle monitor but with microstutter

for the moment i power the other monitors off, but does the videocard do a lot of wasted labor?
Any solution?
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  1. Of course it does, the gpu is still sending the information to the monitor but its not receiving it, and you cant fix it, its a problem with the game, it just doesnt do crossfire well, a lot of games dont, its a problem in the code of the game, not even the devs can fix it without it being a big job, sry.
    Mind if i ask, whats the game?
  2. Americas Army Proving Grounds
    Thanks for the info!
  3. That's odd? I have a crossfire setup and I play proving grounds all the time, never had any issues.

    EDIT: It sounds like Catalyst is resetting your display settings when you disable crossfire, and just setting your extra two monitors to mirror your primary, you should probably disable crossfire and see if you can just fix the monitor display problem.

    As far as issues with crossfire, I have two 5670's in CF and I almost have no stuttering in proving grounds, it's off you would.
  4. it is not a overal stuttering ; but microstuttering at some moments
    and when in death or alive situations is frustrating
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