Nvidia Reveals GeForce GTX Holiday Bundle

Nvidia has presents for new GeForce GPU owners.

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  1. because what a PC gamer really wants is a discount on a non PC gaming system, batman, assassins creed and splinter cell lol. That's like going to bojangles, buying a cajun fillet combo and then getting a discount on dirty rice and getting free mayonnaise that you probably won't use. Just make the friggin card's cheaper NVIDIA...thats all we want.
  2. lol@shield coupon

    And don't you get 6x AAA games with an AMD card right now?

    I want real price breaks on the hardware, not these crappy bundles...
  3. Such bias. The games AMD offers aren't even that great/have already been massively discounted. Nvidia is offering new games.
  4. Yeah, free games are good if they are interesting games, and that is not always the case. I actually prefer free ingame currency (eg. sony). But then again, the best would be a 30 % off prices we have on GPU, they are too pricey right now.
  5. I already bought an AMD bundle card but I have to admit I like the games Nvidia is bundling much better.

    Too bad it took them so long to get with the program. They lost a sale for sure with me!
  6. Agree, more than new games, new prices !!
  7. I wonder how Nvidia came up with this idea?
  8. I dunno m32. How about the previous game bundles they've done in the past?
  9. any news about the Tegra Note btw ?
  10. jasonpwns
    'Such bias. The games AMD offers aren't even that great/have already been massively discounted. Nvidia is offering new games.'

    Really?!Are you really the one who talks about bias? I'm sure you were so easy on AMD when they started with their bundles. When those games, which I'm sure you know how fresh they were back then, were "massively discounted", ne? I suggest people to refresh their memories and look at games in AMD bundles and dates when they were announced.
  11. Wow, the GTX 690, a $1000 card still only gets the two games. That's kind of a bum deal. But hey, not like i was going to fork out 1k to buy it anyways.
  12. Well, Nvidia is feeling the push by AMD, since AMD is launching some great products at great prices (yes rebranded mostly but at great prices) and they have plenty of experiences in Bundles. Nvidia is doing the same.

    Don't get me wrong i love watching this 2 compete is much more closed than AMD/Intel.

    But Nvidia...i feel them a little bit more...clumsy. GTX 780 ti? what 5% more powerful than the regular 780 and 5% slower than titan unlesh they drop 200 bucks off the 780 and 100 off the Titan, and launch the TI 50 bucks lower than the 290x i don't see any market.

    G-sync? well, thats a bit of a gimmick to me. Since AMD released a VESA Patch i don't see the advantage of G-Sync out of being propetery (thus working better under Nvidia hardware)

    Then the Games, i have seen fanboys fighting over the bundles...well if you ask me, i still see Nvidia GPUS bundle with Just Cause 2...thats a $5 game, AMD does the same with Dirt 3. This games are better no doubt about it, but the way they're gonna give them is so much idiotic.

    Thats why i like AMD bundles more, i know that for now the 290x is the only to be bundled with Battlefield 4 but it's gonna be bundled with other later, AMD has done that.
  13. Don't do me anymore 'free' favors, NVidia, just drop the price of my video card a few bucks and we can call it good. I have yet to see a 'free' game worth a damn for my tastes!
  14. I wonder if I could pull this off...
    I already purchased two 780's and an Nvidia shield.... -
    After purchasing all new Razer gear (including the Deathstalker Ultimate) I saw the BF4 themed gear unlocks a Razor dog tag - I e-mailed support with photos of my rig and me like thumbs up all happy with my 900+ dollars of Razer products asking if I could get the code; as I had just purchased every item I could need (each category aside from the Phone Case)

    They ended up giving me a code via e-mail to punch in to my account for Battlefield 4; and 4 days later they sent me the Battlefield 4 Iphone Case and Carrying Bag; Free! - It was like they thanked me for purchasing all this stuff etc
    After doing the same with Nvidia basically (Asus 144hz 24 inch monitor with lightboost and is also the only current monitor that will be G-Sync Upgradeable on the 28th by ordering the "Kit" -phillips head to the back; and you just place it in the socket that is ready for it :D :D) - two MSI GTX 780's Nvidia 3D Vision 2.0
    (gave away my 1.0 when I gave my buddy my 120hz asus 24 inch monitor the new one replaced it with) - I also grabbed an Nvidia Shield - and in the past 2.5-3 years (when the 560 was on pre-order) this has been my order of GPU purchasing via new-egg by SLI 560's followed by SLI 680's - followed by SLI 780's. (every PC part purchased was via newegg acct (so receipts and photos etc);

    thus I can show support that I am all Nvidia; and bought the stuff and could ask if I could redeem? I mean Figure 1600 dollars just for the two 780's then 300 for the Nvidia Shield + another 100 for Nvidia 3D vision runs you at 2K$ even if it was 2 months ago rather than a few days from now.

    If they end up allowing it due to my investment which could have waited as I want to invest on these titles / you get what I am saying; I could just sell the damn things as they are basically brand new and just buy them again. The Nvidia shield is JUST over 40 days old; It just turned 41 days old 15 minutes ago; so thats past the 30 day return or i'd buy it again for example. You guys think I am being reasonable?
  15. " You guys think I am being reasonable? "

    I think you have too much freaking money.
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