Gigabyte Intros Aivia Uranium Wireless Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte has a new wireless PC gaming mouse.

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  1. Gigabyte....You guys are interresting...
  2. Love the ideas Gigabyte comes up with and their willingness to try new things AND sell them. Wouldn't mind seeing some tests done on its latency.
  3. Wish somebody would copy microsoft's sidewinder x8 side buttons. Until then, I'll stick with my x8.
  4. I have the Sidewinder x8 as well, and this is hands down the best mouse I have ever owned. I honestly live in fear for the day that it dies on me. It is the only mouse where the side buttons are up and down--PERFECTION. The little magnetic cable to charge is a smart addition, letting me remove/plug back in with a single hand. I love this mouse, and as interesting as the specs are for the Gigabyte one are.... there is just too much that I would lose.
  5. Is there any mouse that can have its buttons re-mapped to any other button, including keyboard key strokes, per application?
  6. Sorry but gaming and wireless can't mix together! Otherwise nice mouse
  7. love my X8 also. only way it could get any better is if they added a 3rd top side finger button. the two vertical thumb buttons plus the 3rd thumb button fixed infront are a priceless set up. switched out the batter for a phillips 2700mha rechargeable and it goes all week with out needing a recharge for an rpg like diablo or rts like supreme commander there aren't any more decent fps games i have tried LAN'ing this with, but with netflix destroying response times across the globe for online playing i can't tell if there is any 'lag' for bf3 due to the absolute destruction of online gaming netflix has reeked upon the planet.
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