Blizzard All-Stars Renamed Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard is rebranding All-Stars yet again.

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  1. And "Heroes" will get users confused with Heroes of Newerth. Ouch, Blizzard is in a naming rut. =P
  2. Heroes of Might and Magic is also refered to as "Heroes"
  3. As long as I get to save a cheerleader and save the world we're straight
  4. baby's first moba
  5. Well I would love to see a Dota sequal closer to the original lore and with ALL the heroes. Let the MOBA hunger games begin!

  6. This is Blizzard, don't expect fair play in game unless you pay. that's what they did in diablo 3, milking money from player, thus making the player forget the real passion of playing the game. Valve's way of making dota free to play is excellent, u only spend money just for the cosmetic and avatar. HoN is almost as good but the heroes is limited to free player with each update. So yeah, I'm curios about how this dota wannabe game; with the addition of starcraft heroes, it's not dota sequel anymore, the lore won't macth at all. it's just another moba with confusing names, that's all.
  7. Who cares?
  8. If Blizzard is smart they will have a business model like League of Legends for this game. They are making bank selling points used for skins, champions, among other things that aren't game breaking. But, except for the skins, you can get everything else in LoL just by playing the game and with the free champion rotation, you eventually get to try all the champs before buying them.

    Just have to wait to see what Kotick will do, if the past is any indication, the LoL model isn't profitable enough for his ego to embrace.
  9. SirTrollsALot said:
    Who cares?

    People who were looking forward towards playing some BAllS
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