Monitor that won't cause eye strain? need a recommendation

I'm looking to buy a monitor to connect to my laptop (which has an HDMI exit).
The most important thing for me is that the monitor would not cause eye strain (or reduce the probability), I'm not sure on what monitor criterias have to do with it (panel type? led? brightness/contrast? refresh ratz?).

basically my main use would be office uses, such as reading a lot of word/PDF document, building websites, and some photoshop and a little movies (no gaming).

I'm not sure what size and resolution would be recommended, 19"? 22"? 23"?
on the one hand I understood that higher resolution makes the text sharper, so maybe it's good for less eyestrain, but on the other hand it makes the text smaller (but I guess I can zoom in most of the times), so I'm not sure about it.

It also needs to be fully adjustable (especially up and down).

my budget is pretty flexible as long as there is a good value for money.

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    Get an IPS monitor, this is good for the price

    If you need an adjustable, this ACER is OK

    The best ones are really the Dell UltraSharp series but they are a bit more money. If you don't care about the cost, those have the best overall quality and have good stands.

    A large reason there are $150 and then $300+ monitors in the same size and resolution is due to the quality of the stands, cheap ones even with decent screens have light non-adjustable stands.
  2. what about PWM? I've read that most screens use it and it can cause eyestrain... :/
  3. brightlights said:
    what about PWM? I've read that most screens use it and it can cause eyestrain... :/

    It can, but depends on the screen, you'd have to read some testing notes. The Dell Ultrasharp models are great, don't think I have read any reviews where they complain about flicker.
  4. Did you ever get eyestrain when using a LCD monitor or laptop. Or is it something you are just looking to avoid as best as possible?

    You may want to consider eyeware (the "new" term for glasses) which helps prevent eyestrain. I would not buy them immediately though, I would only buy them if you feel your eyes are getting strained. One brand is Gunnar Optiks. Here's a review of one pair of their eyewear. Of course you should do further research to find out if such eyewear help most people or is a simple fad.,2817,2416778,00.asp
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