Should I trade my ps4 for a pc

Ok Basically I have bin wanting to get into pc gaming for a wile but the cost of the pc its self and all the accessories keyboard Mouse Monitor ect.... was to high so anyways I was talking to the guy on craigslist who wants a ps4 and has a gaming pc to trade... here are all the specs I have.

1.AMD Phenom II X6 1075T 3.0ghz processor
2.8GB G.SKill Memory its 4 of these
3.AMD Radeon 6850 1GB Videocard
4.X2 1TB HDD's 1 is external its USB 3.0
5.Corsair Gaming Mouse
6.Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard
7.LG 24" Monitor 1080p
8.Wrath Tactics Wireless Headset
9. 800w Power Supply not sure of the maker.
10. Gaming with blue led fans not sure who makes it.

So yea it comes with everything I would need to start gaming, I know its an older computer and might not be as strong as the ps4 but all It would realy need is a new gpu and I have someone on craigslist trying to sell me a 7850 2gb oc card for 90$ so. Who thinks I should make the trade? Also who has a computer with a 6core Phenom II and 6850 How good does it preform?
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  1. That videocard is weak.

    Either way, I wouldn't trade.

    For all you know, components might be damaged, you have no idea what kind of use he gave to the computer, or on what conditions it was kept.
  2. That's not actually all that bad a set of specs tbh. I probably wouldn't buy it sight unseen, but I would say it's worth more than a PS4, particularly if the monitor and such is included as well.

    You may need to upgrade the graphics card to play the latest games, but that card should handle the majority of stuff out there fairly well at 1080p, although some newer stuff might need you to lower settings.

    My personal PC has a Phenom II 1055t and crossfire 5830s (currently trying to sell them). If I take the cards out of crossfire, it's still quite snappy, having no trouble with games such as Call of Duty, TF2, or SC2. I can't max out Crysis 2 at 1080p without enabling crossfire, and even then I still get a few lag spikes.

    Personally though, I think it's a decent PC. I'd almost be concerned that it's too good of a deal. If you know of anyone who's good with hardware, I'd recommend having them check it out before you commit to a trade.
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    Its not a bad trade, but certainly not a good one either. The computer is kind of old, and even with the 7850 your gaming experience is going to be a lot worse than a PS4. The peripherals are a good addition, and the monitor is certainly valuable. The person above me cited CoD, TF2, and SC2, but none of those are particularly new or demanding games. Especially since the spec requirements of the new generation of games is going to be increased, you would have to be ready to upgrade the CPU, motherboard, and GPU, which can get expensive fast. Overall, I think it might be worth it as long as you will be comfortable shelling out more in the near future. Though ensure that all the peripherals are in good condition, or it might not be worth it at all.
  4. if i was you i would hold off and either A) piece a comp together by yourself you can get great deals especially with black friday coming up B) or if you just arnt comfortable with doing it yourself then save and get a computer from somewhere like alienware. (you will pay more because you are paying for the customer support and other BS additions) i recommend option A but i honestly wouldnt trade you will regret it in the end espicially when all the games you want to play are available on the ps4 and you will be stuck buying a new comp (pretty much once you upgrade cpu and gpu which are almost the most expensive parts to a comp) oh and in case you dont know most games only utilize 4 cores with an exception to a few... and just so you have an idea a gtx 770 runs about 400ish and in my opinion thats about what you going to want to be at when gta 5 and such come to pc.. depends on resolution you want to play at..

    so conclusion if you get into pc gaming be prepared to sink money into it (its the only plus side to consoles)
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